Reviews of Recipes for Love and Murder

‘If you want a vivid, amusing and immensely enjoyable read about detection (and cooking) in an intriguing part of southern Africa, then this is the book for you. A triumph.’
‘Utterly delicious. To the very last morsel.’
‘A delightful debut, tender and funny. The mystery takes on the worldwide problem of abused women while revealing both the beauties and problems of South Africa. And the recipes will make you want to drop everything and start cooking.’
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‘This looks likes cosy crime – and it is both funny and sweet – but it has a hard edge and doesn’t skirt the difficult subjects of South Africa’s history and the region’s huge problem with domestic violence. It is a culinary and linguistic treat too, packed with recipes and smatterings of Afrikaans.’
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‘I have never seen so much love bubble up so fast and so furiously around a book …’
‘With a fascinating setting, engaging characters, and a full complement of drool-worthy recipes, this is sure to leave readers craving more.’
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‘ . . . so enjoyable and polished that it is difficult to believe it is Andrew’s first novel.’
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‘ . . . intriguing mystery in an exotic locale . . . a work of enormous charm.’
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‘The whole book is one amazing experience, suffused with love and passion for cooking and soulful, wonderful characters. I say, bring it on, Tannie Maria. We demand more!’
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‘Calling all fans of the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency . . . ’
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‘A clever, funny and warm-hearted debut crime novel from South Africa, that will make you laugh and cry.’
‘a banquet … a groaning board of insights into the nature of the human condition.’
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‘Sally Andrew has captured the heart of living in this beautiful part of South Africa with rugged red mountains, people who really do care about their neighbours and police who take an interest in their community. I laughed so much while reading this book that I now have sore ribs!’
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‘Miscreants, moskonfyt and murder are all on the menu … Recipes for Love and Murder is a delightful debut.’
‘Funny, serious and touching.’